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Pre-Conference starts July 24

Hyatt Regency St. Louis @ the Arch,
St. Louis, Missouri

More pre-conference sessions coming soon. Please check this page for updates.

July 24, Wednesday

12:00pm-1:00pm (Networking luncheon)
The sessions are open to all conference attendees.
Breakout Session 1 (1:15pm-2:45pm)
Growing State Associations Into Staffed Networks – The Florida Model
Creating staffed networks to provide support to family childcare providers is the newest trend in creating strong systems. Family Child Care Associations should be at the head of this movement, but often don’t have the infrastructure to get it off the ground. Come and hear from a panel of the Florida Family Child Care Home Association staff and board to hear about their journey to improve infrastructure, strengthen leadership practices and obtain funding streams in order to create a statewide, staffed system to support providers.
Panel: Tammy Teener, FFCCHA Executive Director; Arlene Lambert, FFCCHA President, Abbie Bill, FFCCHA Mentor Coordinator
Facilitators: Patricia Dishler and Donna Fowler, FCCE Co-Founders
Breakout Session 1 (1:15pm-2:45pm)
National Policy and Legislation Affects in Child Care – Building your Story and Narrative to Affect Change
(Spanish Simultaneous Translation)
Learn about federal policies affecting family child care and the ECE field as we gain a better understanding from state policy case studies successfully leading the charge in supporting a mix-delivery child care models, early childhood educators, and working families. Join us as we break into small groups and create mock campaigns using our stories and experience to push for change in the family child sector.
Facilitators: Yesy Robles-Brown, NAFCC, Chief of Staff, & Leticia Mederos. NAFCC, Policy Consultant
Breakout Session 1 (1:15pm-2:45pm)
Strategic Community Engagement Workshop: Elevating Your Family Child Care Business, Associations and Networks through Fundraising, Social Events, and Leadership Development
Designing and Organizing Community and Social Events for Your Family Child Care Business, Association, or Network is an excellent strategy for enhancing your community engagement, generating funds for your business and associations, and expanding your network and client base. In this workshop, participants will gain access to essential tools and resources necessary for initiating successful fundraisers, strategically planning, and executing social events, and strengthening their leadership foundation within their community of practice.
Facilitator: Jerletha McDonald, NAFCC, Communication Consultant
Breakout Session 2 (3:00pm-4:30pm)
Introduction to Grant Writing – Successful Fundraising Starts With You…
(Spanish Simultaneous Translation)
Whether you’re undertaking a new strategic plan, training your board members, or seeking financial support for local priorities in your community, grants are available for a project, a program, operations, organizational effectiveness, capacity-building, capital projects, and for endowments. In this interactive Pre-Conference workshop, participants will be offered creative and practical ways to address the complex challenges faced by nonprofit organizations that have yet to implement a grant writing process. We’ll walk through the progressive steps of the grant writing process, from proposal planning and identifying a need, to prospect research and relationship building with funders. At each step, we’ll discuss how you can best position your nonprofit for long-term success in securing grants that support the work and mission.
Facilitators: Dr. Robert Gundling, Co-Founder Better Futures, LLC, & Jahi B. Davis, MBA, Co-Founder Better Futures, LLC
Breakout Session 2 (3:00pm-4:30pm)
Starting a FCC association for new leaders
Family child care educators frequently find themselves working extended hours in insolation. Establishing a support group for idea-sharing and collaborative problem-solving can bring a sense of connectedness and belonging. If you’ve ever pondered how to start or revitalize a family child care association at the local level, this session is for you. We will delve into the tangible benefits of forming an association, guide you on the initial steps to kickstart the process and provide insights into navigating the inaugural year of its existence.
Facilitators: Dr. Ellaine Miller, NAFCC, Board President


State, municipal, and district PreK policy implementation teams will discuss key issues to consider when integrating Family Child Care into PreK systems. Research findings from the PreK in Family Child Care Project will highlight practical strategies and policy decisions that support effective mixed delivery, including qualifications, compensation, and data systems. Family child care educators are encouraged to join alongside PreK administrators from their locales.


  • Rena Hallam, Professor, University of Delaware & Director, Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood
  • Juliet Bromer, Research Professor, Erikson Institute
  • Samantha Melvin, Assistant Research Professor, Erikson Institute
  • Jenille Morgan, Research Associate, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Equity Research Action Coalition
  • GG Weisenfeld, Senior ECE Policy Specialist, National Institute for Early Education Research
  • Erin Harmeyer, Assistant Research Professor, National Institute for Early Education Research

**Seating is limited. Please plan to attend the entire session.**
**Complimentary with purchase of NAFCC Conference Registration**

(Spanish Simultaneous Translation)The Strengthening Business Practices Training is a series of trainings that focus on strengthening family child care providers’ foundational knowledge of sound fiscal management, and business operations. It encourages providers to realize the importance of fiscal planning to the sustainability of their business. It provides tips and best practices to help break down fiscal processes into manageable steps. NCECQA knows that sound fiscal management is foundational to strong business practices, which ultimately improves outcomes for children.
Facilitator: Patricia Valenzuela, Senior Early Childhood Quality Assurance Specialist, National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance (NCECQA)

July 24th and July 25th (Wednesday and Thursday)

This Pre-Qualification Assessment will help you to determine if you meet the minimum requirements. $200
Submit Train the Trainer Certification Application. You must be a NAFCC Member for training eligibility. $325