Observers are the real MVPs of accreditation!

Meet Annette Eberhart.

Annette, children’s book author and child care providerAnnette shares her experience as an NAFCC observer.

The Family Childcare community has been through a tremendous shift this past year dealing with a pandemic, closings, and enrollment issues.  The NAFCC Accreditation virtual observation process is new to us all. The providers are nervous at first not really knowing what to expect. During the pre-visit, I can get a feel of the provider’s environment and routines. I always ask the provider to be as comfortable as possible, and we will work through this experience together. I had a visit with a provider and co-provider just the other day. They tag teamed and worked together taking turns sharing the device being sure that I was able to see the interactions in their program. The communication was very open. The children were ecstatic to have a virtual visitor in their classroom. The parents were also supportive. I truly felt present during the entire observation.  As we adapt to the changes taking place around us, it brings me such joy to see that providers and children are happy and thriving.

Annette Eberhart

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