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Accreditation Portal – Username and Password

Need help with setting your username and password? Click the link below to view the video and get started.

Note: A Portal Users must have a portal login. Please follow the steps below to get access.

Accreditation Portal Log In

Login to the Accreditation Portal with your username and password by clicking the link below:
If you have already registered or been provided with a login, click this link to enter your username and password – https://nafcc.my.site.com/provider/s/login

Haven’t registered for the portal yet?

No problem – Review the video and click “not a member (portal)” on the self-registration link to get started.


  • If you have not registered, click “Not a Member”
  • Complete the self-registration form
    Note: You can change your preferred language at a later time
  • An email will be sent to you with a link to create a password (video walkthrough)
  • If you have already registered in the past, the system will notify you once you complete the self-registration form

Forgot Your Password?

Review the video walkthrough to get you back on track.

You can use the Forgot Password link on the login page: Video walkthrough

Accreditation Portal Navigation

Basic navigation: Video walkthrough

Apply for Self-Study Enrollment

Submit a Self-Study application

  • Navigate to the Path to Accreditation page
  • Click Self Study Enrollment, and then “Apply for Self-Study”
  • Complete the form, including payment, and submit

Upload Self Study documents

  • Go to My Applications and select your Open application: Video Walkthrough
  • Click Upload Application Documents
  • Select the Self-Study phase and the type of document
  • Upload the file
  • View uploaded documents in the Files related list on the right hand side of the application page

Accreditation Application Submission

Review the Application Video Walkthrough before you get started.
Note: to apply for Accreditation, you must be in Self Study for 6 months: Video explanation

Apply for Accreditation

  • Visit the Path to Accreditation page and click “Application & Re-Application”
  • Complete the Accreditation Application, License Consent, Program Info & Schedule, and Child Enrollment forms
    Note: use the “Save for Later” button if you’d like to leave the application part-way through and finish at a later date

Upload Application Documents

  • From the Application record page, using the Upload Application Documents button: Video walkthrough
  • View uploaded documents in the Files component on the right side of the Application record page

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