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Continued Investment Needed in Child Care – Family Child Care Educator Impact Story

Inversión Continua Necesario para Cuidado Infantil Familiar – Comparte sus Experiencia

NAFCC Policy Storytelling

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Let’s work together to make sure elected officials know the value of child care and early learning and the crucial role of family child care providers in meeting the needs of children and families.

Research and Resources

Read our latest publications, reports, and check out policy and advocacy webinars.

National Public Policy Priorities

We are using genuine FCC voices to shape our national public policy agenda! A virtual “listening tour” is being conducted by our national staff and state/regional representatives to ensure we amplify the actual priorities of the home-based early learning setting.

Child Care Development Fund

Read NAFCC’s proposed recommendations to the Child Care Development Fund – Notice for Proposed Rulemaking for the Department of Health and Human Services and Administration for Children and Families.

Leaders Shaping Leaders

An experience strategically designed to strengthen institutional knowledge of FCC professionals and develop an appreciation for the importance of networking and strong connections in the setting. This yearlong academy focuses on four pillars:

  • Strategic Leadership
    Creating association impact through identifying opportunity & taking data-informed action.
  • Financial Literacy
    Building stronger business models through enhanced financial decision-making.
  • Advocacy Toolkit
    Building networks of influence to achieve strategic goals.
  • Public Policy
    Using finance and analytics to inform local planning and policy agenda.