Public Policy and Advocacy

We are the leading voice of home-based family child care and early learning programs advocating for policies to expand and promote the power of family child care. We are highly skilled, highly educated, and highly trained family child care experts calling for increased and sustained public investment in the early learning and child care sector. When we invest in family child care, families have access to early learning opportunities that meet their needs leading to stronger communities and economies.

Emerging Priorities

Increased FCC educator and staff compensation and benefits

Inclusion of home-based child care in all ECE systems & programs, including universal Pre-K

FCC friendly policy, regulations and systems that are easy for families and educators to navigate and respect the uniqueness of home-based child care

Strong ecosystem of support for family child care educators

Ensuring sustainable FCC businesses

Expanded use of equitable measures to assess and recognize quality in home-based family child care programs


Supportive housing policies for home-based child care programs

Strengthened child care and adult care food program (CACFP)

Engage FCC leaders as equal partners and build in opportunities for peer

Build Your Advocacy Leadership Skills

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Survey, Research and Data

Read the 2023 NAFCC Annual Summary and Findings

The National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) recently conducted its 2023-24 survey, providing critical insights into the financial landscape and challenges faced by early childhood educators across the United States. The survey highlights the prevalence of educators in roles directly related to childcare and the significant financial hardships they encounter.

Participate in RAPID Field Survey

The reality is at we need updated and reliable workforce and households data from home-based family childcare educators to better push NAFCC advocacy efforts in our ongoing demands to invest in our children, communities, and FCC workforce.

The survey will close on Wednesday, May 22 at 12:00pm EST.