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The state of Florida takes pride in having a long relationship with NAFCC.

The President of NAFCC was the keynote at the very first statewide conference for family child care providers. The first NAFCC Accredited provider in Florida was in 1990 and the statewide association was formed in 1993 and later became one of the first state affiliates of NAFCC in 2008 and is a current affiliate in 2024!

The Florida Family Child Care Home Association (FFCCHA) believes that Relationships are KEY to Quality Care and Early Education. We have 18 Chapters and Area Reps to reach out to local providers and offer networking opportunities at quarterly trainings and an annual state conference.

FFCCHA understands it is very important and beneficial for the individual family child care provider to not only belong to their local and state association but also just as important to belong to the National association too. How does it know this?  An association is only as strong as its membership.  And the FCC provider/educator’s existence depends on the strength of NAFCC.

NAFCC gives your livelihood, family child care, national recognition as a profession.  NAFCC gives the individual, a national voice on policy-making and advocacy issues.  It gives you the opportunity to be included and “at the table” with other national organizations when decisions are being made that affect you and your profession.  “Family child care and Early Learning Educator” are now familiar words that cannot be left out of early childhood education discussions.  NAFCC keeps your business alive and prospering.  So, you must keep NAFCC alive and well by joining and making it bigger and stronger!

In fact, relationships are a key component of NAFCC accreditation and the observation too. FFCCHA has been awarding scholarships for accreditation fees to its members since 2000. Currently, we are awarding $10,000 per year to our members. FFCCHA has also hosted 4 NAFCC conferences in the past. We are a strong promoter of NAFCC memberships and accreditation. In the past year, we have partnered with NAFCC to host 4 Accreditation Trainings to increase the number of NAFCC Observers and Trainers. We will be hosting QAT in June in Clearwater, FL and OT in October in Orlando, FL.

“Partnering with NAFCC aligns seamlessly with our mission to elevate the standard of Family Child Care across Florida. Together, we are committed to empowering Family Educators to be successful and respected businesses that give children high quality early education.”

Tammy Tener, Executive Director, Florida Family Child Care Home Association

Quick Facts About FFCCHA

As of September 2023, FFCCHA continues to be an Affiliate of NAFCC and Florida continues to lead the nation with:

  • The highest number of NAFCC members (200) ranked#1 in the nation!
  • One of the highest number of members (640) in a state association in the nation!
  • The highest number of NAFCC Accredited homes (165) ranked #1 in the nation!
  • FCC homes with Florida Gold Seal Designation: (146)

More Facts

  • 2,617 total Family Child Care Homes (#FCC homes ranked #10 in nation)
  • LL-large licensed (404), L-licensed (1,591), R-registered (584) and military base (38)
  • Some offer Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten-VPK (40) = LL-29, L-11, Early Head Start–EHS (70) School Readiness–SR (1,233) = LL-312, L-871, R-50 and participate on the USDA Child Care Food Program (1,465) Children served: FP (14,471) VPK (234), EHS (554) & SR (9,760)

“As the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Market Solutions, I am energized by the mission-aligned collaboration and impact between NAFCC and FFCHA. Together, we are elevating Family Child Care programs by promoting accreditation, fostering professional development, and ensuring robust support across communities. This partnership is instrumental in ensuring that families and children have access to exceptional, high-quality home-based child care services in their neighborhoods.”

Zakenya P. Neely

Zakenya Neely

Zakenya P. Neely

Director of Strategic Partnerships


Partner with us to elevate excellence in Family Child Care.

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For more information on NAFCC and partnership opportunities, please contact Zakenya Neely at zneely@nafcc.org or visit nafcc.org/nafcc-partnerships.