Make a Local Proclamation


Spread the word about Provider Appreciation Day in your community. One way to celebrate is through a proclamation from your mayor or governor.


Here’s how:

  1. Call or email your city council, mayor or governor’s office to determine how proclamations are issued. Often, this information is found on your local and state government’s website.
  2. Identify an elected official to sponsor the proclamation. This may be a city council member, mayor or even the governor. Some states have online forms where you can request a proclamation online. Remember to have all of your materials ready when submitting a request.
  3. Work with your sponsor to determine a timeline for the approval process. You’ll work closely together in seeing the proclamation through to the final stages.
  4. Once the proclamation is issued, encourage officials and the community to show support by sharing the proclamation on social media, local events and the local paper. Express thanks with a formal letter to the elected officials that helped make it happen. Don’t forget to recognize these individuals on social media too!

Sample Provider Appreciation Day Proclamation:

WHEREAS, family child care is quality early childhood education and a valuable investment in our children’s future; and

WHEREAS, family child care professionals play an important role in cultivating, supporting, and educating young children in a warm, loving, and culturally competent environment in a home-based setting to meet the needs of families; and

WHEREAS, [LOCATION] recognizes family child care providers as an essential workforce for our economy that allow families access to the care needed so they can work; and

WHEREAS, by calling attention to the importance of quality child care services for all children and families in our communities, [LOCATION] family child care providers are working with the National Association for Family Child Care and other organizations statewide to enhance the quality and availability of such services; and

WHEREAS, [LOCATION] will join families and organizations nationwide in recognizing family child care providers, teachers and educators for their efforts in caring for the children of working parents and providing them with quality early childhood experiences in the home; and

WHEREAS, [LOCATION RESIDENTS] are encouraged to recognize family child care providers throughout the state for their dedication to providing quality care and learning services, and for the important role they play in our children’s future.

NOW, THEREFORE, as [TITLE] of the [LOCATION], I do hereby proclaim May 7, 2021, PROVIDER APPRECIATION DAY in [LOCATION].