Connect with NAFCC

What is the best way to contact the NAFCC Accreditation department?

Emailing is the best way to submit an inquiry. If you would like to speak with someone in the Accreditation department, you may contact the accreditation department via phone at 202-796-5700. However, emails to requesting a call back are encouraged.

What type of inquires can I ask the Accreditation department?

We’re at your service and here to help you. The accreditation department is prepared to respond and offer resolutions and updates to the following:

  • Application status/updates
  • Observation updates/availability
  • Accreditation Award Decisions
  • Application submission receipts
  • Self-Study enrollment status and packet delivery
  • Re-accreditation/18-month updates status
  • Accreditation Extension request
  • Fees paid by an association if applicable

What is the normal correspondence time for the accreditation department?

During normal call volume times, the accreditation department will acknowledge your call or email within 2 business days and offer resolution/updates up to 7 business days from the time of the customer acknowledgement receipt.

How can I stay up to date on the latest news, announcements and updates regarding NAFCC accreditation?

The Accreditation department will send out information via emails periodically to accredited providers. It is important to check your spam mail folder to make sure you haven’t missed any pertinent information/requests. The NAFCC website is where the most up to date application forms, announcements and general information can be found under the accreditation tab.

1st Time Accreditation Application Submission

This is my 1st time applying for Accreditation. How can I apply ?

If this is your first time, you must complete the Self-Study phase. Before you apply, remember that you are required to remain in Self-Study for a minimum of 6 months.

My agency is paying for my accreditation bundle package. Can I apply for my Self-Study kit and Application at the same time?

No, initially, you can only enroll in Self-Study, which you can do by clicking on the Self-Study enrollment form located under the Accreditation – Accreditation pathway – Self-Study tab at

After completing Self-Study, you can submit your Accreditation Application. You may submit your appl your application & supporting documentation the following ways:

Scan and Email:

What documents do I need to submit?

  • Completed Application
  • CPR & First Aid Certificate
  • 120 hours of training (45 hours must be CEUs)
  • Current License
  • Federal and/or State Mandated Background Clearance
  • Current Health Form
  • Current Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Form

What is a CEU? What does it mean?

CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. A CEU is a unit of credit equal to 10 hours of participation in an accredited program designed for professionals with certificates or licenses to practice various professions.

1 CEU = 10 Clock hours

What is a Co-Provider?

A Co-Provider is another provider in the home (like an assistant) that is not required to live in the Family Child Care program. Co-providers must spend at least 60% of the time actively involved with the children.

Can my co-provider also be accredited?

Co-Providers are not required to be accredited, and there is an additional fee of $100.00 for the Co-Provider to be included in your accreditation process.

How many children should I have enrolled for observation eligibility?

You must have at least 2 children enrolled in your program when applying for new or reaccreditation. At least two children must be present during an observation.

What components can I expect in the Accreditation Application?

  • Provider Information
  • Co-Provider Information
  • License Information – Consent Form
  • Program Information
    • Child Enrollment and schedules
  • Information for Observer
    • Candidate Eligibility – Self Certification
    • NAEYC “Code of Ethical Conduct” Commitment Statement
    • Eligibility Documentation & Requirements
    • Training Record

I submitted my application. What are my next steps?

  • The Accreditation process takes 9 to 12 months from the time the application is received by the NAFCC Accreditation department.
  • An email will be sent confirming that your application was received and being processed. If your application is deemed complete and approved, it will be placed in the queue to receive an Observation was received.
  • NAFCC will send you an email that contains a survey link, which will require observation preferences (virtual or onsite) and information to prepare and schedule your visit.

What can I expect the Observer to do during the Observation?

NAFCC wants to see a typical day during your observation visit. You will receive an overview of the Observation prep in your self-study kit contents. Currently, observations can be performed in-person or virtually. In preparation for your observation, you should:

  • Review Standards to determine if you are fully meeting them
  • Read Instructions for Observation Preparation
  • Remind Parents that your visit is happening
  • Talk to Children about the visit
  • Review Enrollment Changes
  • Make sure the correct House number is on your application
  • Make sure your Co-Provider/Helper is aware of your visit

What can I expect after my Observation visit?

Once your observation has been completed and both you and the observer have turned in the required documentation, it will be scored and determined by NAFCC whether or not you have fully demonstrated compliance with all the standards. As a result of the decision, you may receive one of the following Accreditation award decisions:

  • Award Accreditation
  • Award Conditional Accreditation
  • Defer Accreditation
  • Deny Accreditation

Accreditation 18th Month Update Information

How much does the Update application cost?

The application fee is $160.00 plus the annual membership of $45.00 for NAFCC members and $240 for non-members.

How can I apply for my Update?

There are 3 ways to pay and submit your application.

What documents do I need to submit for my Update?

You can refer to your 18-month Update checklist for a list or documents. But generally, you will need to submit the following:

    • Completed Application
    • CPR & First Aid Certificate
    • Current License
    • Federal/State Mandated Background Clearance
    • Current Health Form
    • Current TB Screening Form


What are the training hours & requirements for an Update?

Training certificates are not required but is recommended that you submit additional training hours.

Will I be observed to complete the Update?

No, observations are not performed for Application Updates.

Re-accreditation application submission information

How to apply for Re-Accreditation?

There are 2 ways to submit your application.


      • (Accreditation / Re-accreditation Application)


      • Email

Application Accredication Application /Re-accreditation

      • (PDF) to


How much does the Accreditation/ Re-Accreditation application Cost?

Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

NAFCC Member

      • $45 Membership Renewal Fee
      • $525 Application Fee
      • $100 Co-Provider Fee

NAFCC Non-Member

      • $735 Application Fee
      • $150 Co-Provider Fee

Make check payable to: NAFCC Accreditation

What documents do I need to submit with my application?

What documents do I need to submit with my application?

      • Completed Application
      • CPR & First Aid Certificate
      • 90 hours of training within the last 3 years
      • Current License
      • Federal/State Mandated Background Clearance
      • Current Health Form
      • Current TB Screening Form

How should I record and submit my completed trainings?

Trainings must be recorded on the official NAFCC Training record form. All certificates and verifications must be attached to the form. Verification of the training must include the following:

      • Name of the provider
      • Training Topic
      • Number of hours attended
      • The signature or stamp by the instructor or institution

A course description or syllabus may be requested.

Accreditation Extension Qualification

Do I qualify to receive an accreditation extension?

Only reaccrediting providers and those who require an 18-month update qualify to receive an accreditation extension.

How long is the Accreditation Extension?

The accreditation extension expires January 31, 2023.

I have an extension through July 31, 2022, will I receive an additional extension through January 31, 2023?

Yes, you will automatically receive an extension and updated certificate by June 1, 2023.

Who should I contact if I need an updated accreditation certificate with the extension deadline?

All providers should email the accreditation department at to inquire about an updated certificate. Emails will be acknowledged within 2 business days.

Am I still responsible for keeping all of my documents up to date during the extension period?

All reaccrediting programs must maintain full compliance in completing required accreditation documentation during the granted extension period.

Is there a deadline for turning in the required reaccreditation documents?

Reaccreditation and 18-month Update documents must be submitted to the Accreditation department by August 31, 2022. All documents must be submitted to All providers receiving an extension must still complete their re-accreditation application and/or 18-month update to remain active once the extensions expire.

When is the deadline to pay all of my fees?

All reaccreditation and Update fees must be paid by November 30, 2022.

Do I still need to accumulate training hours during the extension period?

Yes, you should continue to accumulate training hours during the accreditation extension period. The reaccrediting training hours will be required when renewing accreditation.

How many children are required to be present at the time of my observation?

Programs are required to have at least 2 children enrolled in the program at the time of the observation and at the time of your accreditation renewal.

Accreditation Agency Payment Options

I want to pay for an accreditation cohort on behalf of my agency. Who should I contact at NAFCC to start the process?

Agency representatives should contact the Director of Accreditation to set up the initial meeting.

How can I pay for my cohort’s accreditation fees?

OPTION 1: AGENCY/ORGANIZATION INVOICE REQUEST – An agency can request an invoice to pay for an individual or group at once.

To generate the agency invoice send the following items to

      • Organization/Agency’s name, address, and phone number
        • Tax ID/EIN Number
        • Accounts Payable information – contact name and email address
        • If an additional individual needs to be cc ‘ed on the invoice, an email address is needed for that individual
        • Include the provider’s information – name and name of program, address, phone number and email when requesting an itemized invoice.
      • An invoice will be emailed to the funding agency, which includes a link to pay.
      • Online payments are strongly preferred; however, if necessary, the agency may print the invoice and pay with a check.

Where can I mail the payment?

We strongly recommend electronic payments. If no other options are available, checks made payable to NAFCC can be mailed to:
National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)
700 12th Street – NW,
Suite 700,
Washington, D.C. 20005

How can I establish an agency prepaid account?

OPTION 2: PREPAID ACCOUNT – An organization may set up a prepaid account with NAFCC to pay for membership, self-study and accreditation.

An agency/organization should schedule a meeting with the appropriate department head to determine the Prepaid Account scope of services via the following email addresses:
Contact: Amie Choiniere
Contact: Zakenya Neely

I’ve met with the department heads and now I’m ready to submit payment t accounting to draft an invoice. What are my next steps?

      • The next steps entails sending the following items to to generate an invoice
        • Organization/Agency’s name, address, and phone number
        • Tax ID/EIN Number
        • Accounts Payable information – contact name and email address
        • Agreed upon amount for the Pre-Paid Account
      • An invoice will be emailed to the funding agency, which includes a link to pay. Online payments are strongly preferred; however, if necessary, the agency may print the invoice and pay with a check.
      • Once payment is received, the accounting department will send a confirmation via email that the account has been established.
      • Once the account has been established, NAFCC and the funding agency will finalize the process for providers to indicate the funding agency is covering their fees.
      • A list of awardees/funding recipients for the Pre-paid account must be emailed to the accounting department at prior to the disbursement of membership, self-study or accreditation.

NAFCC Accreditation Fees

What are the NAFCC Accreditation fees per Family Child Care provider?

Phase Member Fee Non-Member Fee
Self-Study Enrollment $315 $430
Accreditation Application Fee $525 $735
Co-Provider Application Fee $100 $150
18 Month Update $160 $240
Accreditation Bundle for Self-Study, Application & 18 Month Update (Excludes Membership) $945 $1340

Are all providers required to be a member when applying for accreditation?

Family Child Care providers seeking accreditation are not mandated to be a NAFCC member, however there are significant cost benefits of becoming a member prior to entering the accreditation process.

Are accreditation fees refundable?

All Accreditation fees are non-refundable including the self-study kits that have already been mailed to you. Additionally, applications that are sent to the accreditation for processing are non-refundable.

I sent my payment to NAFCC via the post office, when can I expect to receive my self-study kit and/or when will my accreditation application be processed?

If payments are sent by mail to NAFCC, please expect it to take 4-6 weeks for the payment to be processed. Membership, self-study kits and accreditation applications will not be processed until after payments are processed.

What NAFCC member packages are available for purchase?

If payments are sent by mail to NAFCC, please expect it to take 4-6 weeks for the payment to be processed. Membership, self-study kits and accreditation applications will not be processed until after payments are processed.

Ambassador (Previously Silver) Membership
Executive (Previously Gold) Membership
Discounts on NAFCC Accreditation ($425 value) Annual membership includes all Silver Membership benefits
Relevant monthly e-newsletters/public policy updates A one-year subscription to KidKare, a cloud based service to manage your family child care business OR Access to Quorum
Access to online trainings and webinars from experts in the field. Online resources ($200 value) including sample contracts & policies, permission forms, health forms, employee documents and much more
Third-party discounts from NAFCC Sponsors and Supporters Access to online trainings and webinars from experts in the field
Networking and support from national family child care leaders. Special webinars from NAFCC sponsors such as Sesame Workshop

When should I purchase the membership packages for my cohort?

Membership packages should be purchased prior to enrolling in the self-study phase of the accreditation process.

Who will be my primary for future accreditation questions?

All accreditation inquiries should be directed to Additionally, the accreditation director will assign a team member to support your cohort’s application process.

I’ve followed all the steps to start a cohort, what happens next?

  • The accreditation team will issue you a specific self-study enrollment link for your state.
  • You will then disseminate the link to your providers to complete.
  • Once completed, the self-study kits will be mailed to your providers within 30 days from the submission time.
  • Please note that all providers must remain in self-study for a minimum of 6 months before submitting an accreditation application.