Press Release Template


Send a press release to local media to help spread the word about Provider Appreciation Day! To help you get started, we’ve created a template that you can use to uplift the importance of family child care providers. More importantly, use this as an opportunity to share stories about the incredible work providers do in your community.


Tips on distributing a press release:

  1. Create a media plan. Determine when you want to issue a press release, how you will distribute the release and who will be your spokespersons. Remember to submit your release to the media early enough and at an optimal time to get coverage of the event.
  2. Identify local news media. Find journalists in your area that have covered your work in the past and would be interested in writing about family child care. Visit the websites of local newspapers, radio and TV stations to get contact information of the general inbox and reporter interested in your press release. A good place to start is the education, community event or metro reporter.
  3. Craft your pitch. Personalize your email to look authentic by including key information about the event. Give journalists additional information not found in the release in a few sentences above the full press release. You can always follow-up with an email to each journalist making the case on why this story is important. Localize your story as much as possible.
  4. Avoid adding attachments. Whether you use a newswire service or an email marketing platform, make sure you copy the text of the release in the body of the email. Avoid sending the release as an attachment so the release isn’t flagged as spam. 
  5. Proofread! Make sure your press release is error-free. Check for spelling and grammar, and make sure contact information, the release date and hyperlinks are correct.
  6. Follow-up. Wait a day or two before reaching out to media outlets to confirm they received your release. A simple email will suffice, but don’t spam a reporter’s inbox. If you have an existing relationship with a journalist, it doesn’t hurt giving them a call to confirm if they got the release.
  7. Share your release with your network. Don’t forget about the power of your supporters. Share the release on social media and publish it on your organization’s website.

Press Release Template:


Month Day, 2021




[Organization] Celebrates Provider Appreciation Day

[CITY, State] – On May 7, [Organization] will join the National Association of Family Child Care Providers in celebrating Provider Appreciation Day – an annual celebration that recognizes the work of child care providers, teachers and care givers of young children.

[INSERT QUOTE OR KEEP THIS ONE]“Family child care providers play an important role in educating and shaping the lives of young children,” said Lanette Dumas, executive director of the National Association for Family Child Care. “As educators, they cultivate a warm and loving environment in their home to prepare children for school and lifelong success, often without receiving recognition for the work they do. At NAFCC, we are grateful for all of the family child care providers who make learning happen and serve their communities by providing high-quality care.”

Provider Appreciation Day was established in 1995 by NAFCC president Sue Williamson along with Monday Morning Inc. staff as a way to thank family child care and center-based providers. The holiday is celebrated each year on the Friday before Mother’s Day throughout the United States and around the world as a “thank you” to the people who educate, support and spend a tireless amount of time with our children.

Family child care is early education in a home-based setting. The majority of family child care providers are women operating a small business, offering an environment that’s culturally conducive for families. Throughout the pandemic, most of these educators have remained open for working parents that need child care. Unfortunately, providers have been hit hard on a personal and economic front due to COVID-19, putting themselves and their own families at risk to stay in business.

[INSERT PARAGRAPH OR QUOTE ON WHY THIS HOLIDAY IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR ORGANIZATION/COMMUNITY]Children, families and community leaders are encouraged to use the hashtag #ProviderAppreciationDay on social media and send a card, video or small gift to their family child care provider. For ideas on how to celebrate, including a toolkit with a local proclamation and social media graphics, visit


About [Organization]