Family Child Care Professional
Leadership Academy

The Community of Practice is intended to cultivate future leaders and impact tomorrow’s early care and education through nationwide initiatives and projects. A network of peer mentors with diverse experiences share practices and strategies that are immediately applicable to participants’ professional situations. The experience creates a culture in which the cohort can rely on each other’s willingness to serve as sounding boards on a regular basis.

The Academy is a dynamic In-Person & Virtual Learning series that includes 30 sessions of interactive education and networking. 15 NAFCC Association leaders & 15 emerging leaders will participate in yearlong professional development of FCCspecific leadership building and knowledge transfer in the four pillars listed. It is a curriculum strategically designed to strengthen institutional knowledge of FCC professionals and develop an appreciation for the importance of networking and strong connections in the setting.

Four Pillars

Strategic Leadership

Creating association impact through
identifying opportunity & taking data-informed action.

Financial Literacy

Building stronger business models
through enhanced financial decision-making.

Advocacy Toolkit

Building networks of influence to achieve
strategic goals.

Public Policy

Using finance and analytics to inform
planning and policy agenda.