Friday, May 7

Provider Appreciation Day

Each year, on the Friday before Mother’s Day, NAFCC joyfully takes the lead un celebrating Family Child Care Providers. With nearly 123,837 licensed/regulated family child care programs serving children and families nationally, we must acknowledge the essential workforce family child care providers represent and honor the work of their hands.

History of Provider
Appreciation Day

Provider Appreciation day was established by NAFCC past president Sue Williamson, Sue Schmidt, Ginny Rutkowski and Monday Morning Inc. staff on 1995. Founded as a day honoring and recognizing Family Child Care Providers, in addition to center based providers and advocates.

What started as a small grass-roots effort grew into a national day that is now celebrated throughout the United States, and with military child care, around the world under the trailblazing leadership of Sue Williamson. She passed away on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 after an illness. NAFCC will always remember her contribution to the field of family child care and early education. Her passion for honoring Family Child Care Providers through Provider Appreciation Day remains with us.