woman caring for children

What Family Child Care Needs from Congress Now

The package that they call the Reconciliation Bill is an investment of $3.5 trillion over 10 years – all paid for through tax policy changes on corporations and very wealthy individuals. The House of Representatives approved a package in September but some Senators are now wanting the package to be smaller – even though they…

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build initiative presentation start

Leveraging Federal Funds to Support Home-Based Child Care

The recent federal investment in child care has created an unprecedented moment in time. NAFCC Executive Director Lanette Dumas recently joined other panelists as part of a webinar for the Build Initiative. In this webinar, guest speakers and breakout groups investigated how states and communities can center HBCC providers and educators in their funding decisions, how…

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Learning Happens Wherever Children Are

In the Spring, President Biden released the “American Families Plan” which is a sweeping proposal to invest in children and families over 10 years. A proposal from the Administration is the starting line, not the finish line. It is a statement of values, and it is important. But it is not the final word on…

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