Reaccreditation Extension Information

Your health and safety is our top priority! Due to the recent public health crisis resulting from the COVID-19 Delta Variant surge, we’ve revamped our accreditation process to accommodate providers who are seeking and sustaining an NAFCC Accreditation. Starting this Fall, we will begin conducting both virtual and onsite observations, state by state COVID-19 guidelines permitting.

What you should expect:

  • Providers who are in queue to receive observations will be processed in the order they were received, with priority given to providers who are currently wait-listed for observations.
  • The Accreditation team is processing all observations on a first come first serve basis.
  • The new virtual reality may cause a significant delay in observation processing. Therefore, new and reaccrediting providers should expect to receive their observation no less than 6 months after submitting an application to NAFCC.
  • If you have already submitted your application to the accreditation department and received confirmation that you are in queue to receive an observation, there is no need to reach back out to accreditation department at this time.
  • NAFCC understands that many providers’ funding are directly impacted by their accreditation status, therefore we will provide extensions to those providers who are in queue to receive an observation, but haven’t completed the process by November 1st.
  • All 1st time accreditation seeking providers will be permitted to participate in the virtual observation process.

Commitment to Quality and You

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Our accreditation program servers as a cornerstone in a state professional development systems and informs policy makers. For professionals there are two paths, and many right ways to achieve accreditation!

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Quality Standards

Accreditation offers national recognition to family child care programs meeting the highest standards for home-based early care and education. Helping parents recognize and choose high quality family child care, our symbol of quality honors diversity and reflects cultural competency. Accreditation allows providers the flexibility to implement standards through the lens of diversity and child-centered care. Accreditation encompasses a comprehensive set of standards broken down into five core competencies:

  • Relationships
  • The Environment
  • Learning Activities
  • Safety & Health
  • Professional & Business Practices

Our accreditation program serves as a cornerstone in state professional development systems and informs policy makers. For professionals there are two paths, and many right ways to achieve accreditation!

Path to Accreditation

Any provider seeking to deepen their understanding of quality family child care can begin the Self-Study phase. This process is a self-paced stage of reflection. It gives providers the opportunity to assess whether their practices are already in line with NAFCC Quality Standards, and how they can work to achieve this status.

Requirements for movement to the next phase:

  • Self reflection through use of Benchmarks to Quality
  • Training

To purchase a self-study kit, please click the link to complete the form for submission and processing. All Self-Study Kits are a Pre-Order and will be fulfilled within 30 days after submission of form.

Application phase

* Please note that the accreditation application process including observation and awarding timeline is currently between 6-9 months.

Once a provider has completed the Self-Study phase, they can submit their Application for Accreditation. This phase begins with collecting the necessary documents to complete the Quality Portfolio. They must also choose a Quality Assessor that will conduct the Observation Visit, and obtain their Identification Number.

Requirements for movement to the next phase:

  • Prepare Quality Portfolio
  • Submit Application and fees ($525 member fee, or $550 if sending a check by mail)


This is the provider’s time to shine. Providers demonstrate how they fulfill the requirements of each of the standards. There are three separate components to this phase.

Requirements for movement to the next phase:

  • Self Rating (includes Self Certification packet and video submissions)
  • Parent Surveys
  • Observation done by a Quality Assessor

Decision phase

In this phase, NAFCC and the Accreditation Council will determine whether a provider has fully demonstrated compliance with all the standards.

Requirements for movement to the next phase:

  • Award Accreditation
  • Award Conditional Accreditation
  • Defer Accreditation
  • Deny Accreditation

18-Month Update

Accreditation validates the high quality of family child care. Accredited providers demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the profession of family child care. Accreditation is valid for 3 years. Programs are required to reapply at 2 years and 6 months, and will start fresh at the beginning of the process for accreditation.

Requirements for movement to Re-accreditation:

  • Adhere to accreditation standards and NAFCC policies
  • Report program changes such as move or change assistants
  • Continuously assess that the environment, policies and practices are aligned with the NAFCC standards


NAFCC administers the only national system designed for family child care providers. Accreditation is awarded for family child care providers who meet the eligibility requirements and the Quality Standards for NAFCC Accreditation.

Family child care providers achieve this high level of quality through a process that examines all aspects of the family child care program, i.e. relationships, the environment, developmental learning activities, safety, health, and professional and business practices.

Electronic payments are strongly preferred with our online form. If payments are sent by mail to NAFCC, please expect it to take 4-6 weeks for the payment to be processed. Membership and accreditation applications will not be processed until after payments are processed.

Forms & Resources

NAFCC Accreditation Fees

Item Member Fee Non-member Fee
Self-Study Enrollment Kit $315 $450
Accreditation Application $525
$100.00 Co-provider Fee $100
Co-provider Fee $150
18-Month Update $160 $240

Accreditation Application Bundle Packages

Bundle includes:

  • Self-Study enrollment
  • Accreditation Application – Observation
  • 18-month update fee
Member Fee Non-Member Fee
$945.00 *plus $45.00 annual membership fee $1340.00

Accreditation Projects

Connect with these local and state agencies for assistance that may come in the form of opportunities to participate in support groups, mentoring, help in developing a quality improvement plan, or financial assistance including help paying the accreditation fee.


Air Force


Family Child Care Partnerships (FCCP) @ Auburn University


Maryland State Department of Education

roads to quality logo

Maine Roads to Quality

Florida Family Child Care Home Association

Ounce of Prevention

Tennessee State University

Wisconsin Family Child Care Association

Family Child Care Association of Maine

roads to quality logo

University of Arkansas
College of Education
& Health Professions

Oklahoma partnership

Oklahoma Partnership
for School Readiness

quality ambassador

Become an Accreditation Quality Ambassador

Build a bridge to NAFCC Accreditation! Sign up for the next training series for Accreditation projects leads and staff. Learn everything from project planning, to working with Family Child Care Programs and NAFCC. Be better equipped to walk Family Child Care educators through NAFCC Accreditation and Renewals.

Meet the Council

Annette Eberhart

Annette Eberhart


Mike Bachman

Michael Bachman

Immediate Past Chair

Sheryl Hutzenbiler

Sheryl Hutzenbiler


Clara herrera

Clara Herrera, Ed.D.

Maria Florez

Maria Flores


Stacey Buzbee

Susan Hancock

Susan Hancock

Apply for Accreditation Council

In the past, it has been very insightful to have an individual on the council who is a Nationally Accredited Provider. The council also includes other experts in the field from organizations that work to support early education and in particular family child care – individuals who believe in the quality of Early Care and Education offered in a Family Child Care setting.

This year the council is looking to fill three positions: Two Council Members and one Alternate Member. It is a commitment. Members typically volunteer 5-10 hours per month over the 3 years of their membership. However, it is an opportunity to expand your scope to the national arena and to work with other passionate experts who strive to improve the quality of Family Child Care. We as members have found great value in this endeavor and think you would too.

How to Apply

Click here to apply
The deadline for submission is February 15, 2023.

Have Questions?

Learn More About Being a Council Member

Learn More About Being a Council Alternate

Other questions can be directed to and one of the council members will get back to you.


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