Parents have many choices when choosing quality child care for their children. Many parents may already be familiar with family child care as being an integral part of their community. Often providing a home setting very much like their own, family child care can provide a quality early learning environment where children can grow and thrive.

The National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) promotes and supports providers of family based child care. This form of care is offered in an individual's home and provides care and education for children who may not be related to the provider. Individuals who have achieved NAFCC accreditation
(see accreditation for more information) have met the highest standards available in the family child care field.

If you are interested in locating a nationally accredited family child care provider, our search engine will help you find the name of a provider in your area. Once you have identified the name of an accredited provider you are encouraged to either locate the telephone number of the provider in your local telephone directory, or conta
ct to search for a child care resource and referral agency in your community to further assist you in your search.

The National Association for Family Child Care is dedicated to helping parents find high quality child care for their children by informing them of the many benefits and values of family child care. If you want to learn more about family child care, use these tools to help you decide.

Interested in supporting the profession of family child care?   Become a member of NAFCC.

NAFCC does not endorse providers listed on our website but provides this information as a service to parents who are looking for accredited family child care. It is the responsibility of each parent to confirm the license or regulation of any individual with whom they would leave their children.

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