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NAFCC Accreditation Forms

 The following are forms needed during the accreditation process. Click on the name of the form to download the pdf file.


Accreditation Process Forms

Self Study Enrollment Form

Accreditation Application

Health Assessment and Child Care TB Screening

Training Requirements, Log and Verification (without formulas - type in)

Training Requirements, Log and Verification (with formulas)

Annual Update Form

Accreditation Layaway Plan


Accreditation Information

NAFCC Brochure

Accreditation Brochure 

Quality Standards for NAFCC Accreditation

Eligibility and Training Requirements

Accreditation Training Policy and Rationale March 2011

Accreditation Criminal Background Records

NAFCC Accreditation Sample Observer Workbook


NAFCC Accreditation Presentation

Slide Show

Presenter's Handbook

Presenter's Handouts


Other Forms and Information

Questionnaire for Accreditation Press Release

Release Form for Media Use (English)

Formulario de Alta para Uso de Prensa (Español)

Webinar Quick Reference Guide (English)


Formas E Información en Español

Inscripción de Estudio Personal (Español) — NAFCC Accreditation Self-Study Enrollment

Aplicación de Acreditación (Español) — NAFCC Accreditation Application

Forma de Evaluación de Salud (Español) Health Assessment

Forma de Detección de TB (Español) — TB Screening

Requisitos de Entrenamiento, Registro y Verificación (Español) — Training Record (pdf)

Requisitos de Entrenamiento, Registro y Verificación (Español) — Training Record (excel)

Actualización Anual de Acreditación de la NAFCC (Español) — Annual Renewal

Normas de Calidad para la Acreditación de la NAFCC (Español) — Quality Standards in Spanish

Revisión de Antecedentes Penales (Español) — Policy and Instructions for Criminal Background Records

Plan de Pre-Pago  (Español) Pre-payment Plan

Certificación Personal de la Proveedora para la Acreditación de la NAFCC — Self-Certified Inside January 2013  

Presentación de Acreditación de la NAFCC 

Diaporama (Español) — Slide Show

Manual Del Presentador — NAFCC Accreditation Presenter's Handbook

Hoja Informativa Del Presentador (Español) — Presenter’s Handouts 

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