Sample Contract Termination Language

by Tom Copeland


“This contract may be terminated by the parent/guardian by giving two weeks written notice in advance of the ending date. Payment by parent/guardian is due for the notice period, whether or not the child is brought to the provider for care.

The provider may terminate the contract at will.

Failure by the provider to enforce one or more terms of the contract does not waive the right of the provider to enforce any other terms of the contract.”

Sample Termination Notice

This note is to let you know that I will not be able to offer my child care services to

                              (child’s name)                                                         (Date)
__________________________________  effective ___________________ .

I will continue to provide my regular child care services until this date. According to our written contract, you are required to pay for my services up until this date, whether or not your child is present.

_________________________________________    __________________
                         Provider Signature                                                        Date

_________________________________________    __________________ 
                          Parent Signature                                                          Date   

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