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Eboni Delaney

Member Relations and Policy Support Manager

Eboni Delaney, a leader in the field of early childhood education and community engagement currently serves as the Member Relations and Policy Support Manager at the National Association for Family Child Care. Eboni’s unwavering dedication to family child care support and advocacy is evident in her commitment to empowering educators and fostering equitable representation. With a focus on the vital role of family child care in early childhood education, Eboni demonstrates proficiency in strategic initiatives, community engagement, member relations, and project management.

Before joining NAFCC, Eboni excelled as Director of Early Education Apprenticeships, where she registered and implemented the first early education apprenticeship in Texas. This accomplishment underscored her innovative approach and dedication to advancing educational opportunities for aspiring early childhood educators.

As she looks ahead, Eboni aspires to amplify the voices of family child care educators, advocate for policy changes, and create ongoing opportunities that enhance the lives of families and children. Her vision is to shape a future where every family child care educator is recognized, supported, and celebrated for their invaluable contribution to the well-being of our youngest learners and communities.

Eboni holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Southern Mississippi and a master’s in Instruction and Curriculum Leadership. Demonstrating her commitment to continuous learning and educational excellence, she plans to pursue a Doctor of Education degree in Early Childhood Education.