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Strong Alliance: NAFCC and FFCHA Partner to Empower Family Child Care Across Counties

At the heart of every child’s growth and development lies a nurturing environment, and the cornerstone of that environment often rests within the caring confines of family child care.

Imagining a Day Without Child Care: Supporting All Child Care Educators

Imagining a day without child care almost seems almost unimaginable. We’d see a butterfly effect of children unable to access their regularly trusted and qualified child care educators causing parents, guardians, families and others to assume yet another role, all while disabling them from continuing their work and maintaining their regularly scheduled lives. At NAFCC…

NAFCC “On the Move” (April Highlights)

April was an eventful and empowering month for the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC), as team members and NAFCC members embarked on a journey of advocacy, collaboration, and recognition within early childhood education. From prestigious White House gatherings to impactful state-level conferences, each event was crafted to uplift and amplify the voices of…